Here are some ideas of what you can do with household items you may not have use for anymore. The
proceeds related to the activities can be donated to agencies which have the capacity to bring support in
times of need.
As they say, charity starts at home. You can get involved in a lot of local initiatives and support them with
the means you have, with your time and/or material donation.
 Hold a garage sale
 Donate the items to a local charity or shelter
 Sponsor a fashion show where viewers bid for the clothes off the models
 Donate non-perishable food and bottled water to a local food bank
 Use items as door prizes at a fundraising event
 Sell your recycled glasses and plastic bottles to your local scrap dealer
 Sell water bottles at sporting events, donate them to a shelter or give them as needed to thirsty people
 Hold a benefit dinner serving cuisine made from donated goods
 Hold a live auction of the goods
 Use donated goods as props in a benefit play and sell pieces as tickets
 Host a bazaar at a school or place of worship
 Donate toys to local shelters, daycare facilities or schools
 Give unusable donations to a textile recycler
 Sell clothing at a consignment shop or give them to a thrift store
 Host a lottery of the goods
Get creative and give a second life to items you may not like or have use for anymore. You can find more
inspiration on website such as Pinterest, Instragram and Flickr.
 Create and sell purses, quilts and other unique items and donate proceed
 Turn donated items into artwork and sell them
 Repurpose and sell blankets as a car seat cover, shams, etc.
 Create and sell jewelry made from donated goods
 Use old t-shirts and other items such as towels for a relief car Wash
 Make and sell dolls and other toys from goods
 Make and sell fabric roses from strips of donated clothing
 Turn decorated cans for use as, planters, pots, etc. For sale or auction
 Auction the goods online, on kijiji, ebay, amazon, etc.